About us

There are different forms of art. You can talk about it for hours, but we decided to go one step further. We gathered all the experiences and feelings about cars in one place to give them a unique form. A form that we could share freely. We created a project that gives joy through a unique interaction with automobiles.

You must know that we understand you perfectly. This is not just about washing vehicles. We are talking about a specific lifestyle that allows you to enjoy your time with your car. From grooming to driving around aimlessly. Hours spent in the garage, building projects, photo shoots and late-night spots with friends - we know it well. We want your form of relaxation or work to be of the highest quality. We shy away from mediocrity and always choose individual solutions. We create a unique style.

Our experience and history, which you will read about below, have allowed us to combine two key ingredients. Emotional values and automotive chemistry. Thanks to this combination, CHEMOTION and our car care cosmetics were created.


We are a group of passionate people who, having a lot of different ideas, experiences and views, with a huge dose of ambition, decided together to create a unique place. One in which members of the company are close to people and understand their needs perfectly. We combine expertise in professional chemistry, marketing, management, architecture, photography and video advertising. This diversity allows us to maintain an objective outlook and follow untrodden paths.

We have worked for many years in various companies. We started by performing services in the field of automotive cosmetics, to later conduct training and develop product sales. However, we kept dreaming of our own individual project steeped in emotion. We wanted to show the world our full commitment and desire for continuous development. We feel professionally fulfilled, and the joy of this is transferred to serving customers, creating new projects and expanding Chemotion's horizons.


1. Quality - we look for the right consistency and carefully select additives so that the entire line of Chemotion cosmetics stands out for its efficiency and effectiveness.

2. Safety - our products are suitable for regular care of even the most delicate surfaces. Repeatedly tested and researched give full safety for both the user and the car.

3. Design - we love individual style and minimalism. We provide you with brilliantly packaged bottles and gadgets that you won't confuse with any other brand.

4. Colors and fragrances - we still talk about emotions and joy. How could there be no delicate fresh scents and vibrant colors to make your work more pleasant?

5. Ease of application - this is our con. We make every effort to make working with Chemotion cosmetics as easy as possible. Both for professionals and beginners.

6. A different outlook - we are looking for pure pleasure in all this. We want to be part of your relaxation, joy, memories, photos and every ride in your special cars.

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